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Orthodox Liturgics Pt. 7: Sunday and Festal Matins


St. Tikhon’s Monastery presents the seventh in a series of twelve lessons on Liturgics for Readers and Choir Directors in the Orthodox Christian tradition.

Having discussed the basic outline of Matins as seen in Daily Matins, it’s now time to expand our understanding of Matins by comparing Daily Matins, Matins with the Great Doxology, Festal Matins, and Sunday matins. Matins with the Great Doxology is similar to Daily Matins except for the ending portion beginning with the Praises. Sunday and Festal Matins have a much expanded middle section that culminates with the reading of the Matins Gospel. In all four types of Matins, however, the beginning of the service (Royal Office, Six Psalms, and kathismata) remains almost without any change.

Hieromonk Herman (Majkrzak), instructor

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