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Lesson 10: Christmas and Theophany


NOTE: We’re posting this out of order so that it’s available for the Christmas season. A few details in the lecture assume that you’ve watched some of the earlier material (such as Pt. 7 “Sunday and Festal Matins”) which is still being edited. Apologies for any confusion.

ALSO NOTE: This year, on the New Calendar, Christmas falls on a Monday, and thus Christmas Eve on a Sunday. This alters the order and scheduling of some of the services, and those details are discussed towards the end of this video.

St. Tikhon’s Monastery presents the tenth in a series of twelve lessons on Liturgics for Readers and Choir Directors in the Orthodox Christian tradition.

In this lesson, Fr. Herman discusses the Nativity season, beginning with the Nativity Fast, the two Sundays of the Forefathers before Christmas, the Christmas forefeast, the special services for Christmas Eve, and the feast itself. Then we look at how Theophany in most ways mirrors Nativity, noting a few differences. We also discuss how the order of services differs when Christmas or Theophany falls on either a Sunday or a Monday.

Hieromonk Herman (Majkrzak), instructor

St. Tikhon's Orthodox Monastery St. Tikhon's is the oldest Orthodox monastery in America, established in 1905. It is an active monastic community of the Orthodox Church in America.