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Saint Andrew’s Camp

Orthodox Christians need to support initiatives like this, because they depend on our donations. That’s why we are posting it here. If you can give, please consider donating to their gofundme campaign. Part responsibility during this Nativity Fast is to give alms – consider giving to this camp which helps our youth! Donate here At the […]

Journey to Fullness, Series Review

The average American spends over 10 hours every day looking at a screen. Recent scientific studies indicate that our screen usage is changing the way we think – literally re-wiring our brains. This phenomena presents new challenges to the evangelistic and didactic efforts of Eastern Orthodox missionary and catechetical activity. What are we to do? […]

The Crucifixion, Music by Benedict Sheehan

Composer Benedict Sheehan and the St. Tikhon’s Monastery Chamber Choir recently released a new album: Till Morn Eternal Breaks. This video is an abstract interpretation of Sheehan’s song, “The Crucifixion.” When I listened to it for the first time, I got chills. The Crucixion from Till Morn Eternal Breaks. Music by Benedict Sheehan. Preformed by […]