Liturgics Lesson 1: Introduction to Liturgical Books

St. Tikhon’s Monastery presents the first in a series of twelve lessons on Liturgics for Readers and Choir Directors in the Orthodox Christian tradition. In this lesson, Hieromonk Herman introduces the the liturgical books used in the Church’s daily services: The Hieratikon and Horologion; the Menaion; the Triodion, Pentecostarion, and Octoechos; and the Typikon. Various […]

Pilgrimage to Ireland

Last month, we made a pilgrimage to Ireland. We visited a number of Holy Sites, including St. Patrick’s Grave at Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, Glendalough Monastic Site (which was founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century), and St. Brigid’s Well. Here is a short video we made to share the experience with you. For […]

5 Misconceptions About the Orthodox Church

In this video, Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick comments on 5 misconceptions people often have of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Misconception #1: The Orthodox Church is only for certain kinds of people (Greeks, Russians, etc.) Misconception #2: The Orthodox Church is the same as the Roman Catholic Church. –Some big differences include how we view church […]