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Theoria is devoted to producing high quality Orthodox video content in order to inspire new, renewed, and continued inquiries into the depth of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Her ancient Tradition. Theoria was founded in 2015 by an Eastern Orthodox Christian and freelance videographer, animator, and designer, who produces and funds Theoria on his own time.

Theophany Blessing of the Lake at Saint Tikhon’s Monastery 2018

Christ is Baptized! In the Jordan! The Orthodox tradition of Blessing the Waters is an natural outworking of our theological understanding that the grace of the Church, which sanctifies the world, flows beyond the walls of the Church, as Fr. Herman reminded us in a short homily after blessing the lake at Saint Tikhon’s Monastery. […]

Where did the Bible come from?

Most Christians take the Bible as a given. But where did the Bible come from? Answering this question is more difficult than you may think. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick explains. [Full original script follows. Includes some lines that got edited for length. Copyright 2017-18 by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick.] Most Christians take the Bible as […]

Ben and Brigid: Handmade Orthodox Cards and Gifts

Blessed feast of Saint Michael and the Bodiless Hosts! Today, an Orthodox Christian couple posted a video showing how they hand-drew and hand-carved a stamp of Saint Michael the Archangel. They then use the stamp to make greeting cards and other items (you can buy this card here). We thought it was cool and wanted […]

Pilgrimage to Ireland

Last month, we made a pilgrimage to Ireland. We visited a number of Holy Sites, including St. Patrick’s Grave at Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, Glendalough Monastic Site (which was founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century), and St. Brigid’s Well. Here is a short video we made to share the experience with you. For […]

5 Differences Between Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism

In this video, Fr. Andrew Damick lists 5 differences between Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism. (The list is not mean to be comprehensive). If you were to make a list of 5 differences, what would be on it? If you haven’t already, check out his updated edition of  “Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy” by clicking here. I highly recommend it – it […]

Series Conclusion: Why Orthodoxy?

In this final video of the Welcome to the Orthodox Church series, Frederica asks the ultimate question: why Orthodoxy? To see the entire series, which covers various topics such as the Saints, Icons, Liturgy, Mary, and more, click here.

5 Differences Between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church

A lot of people are curious about the differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. From the outside, it might look like we are basically the same Church with the same practices and the same theology. While we do have some important things in common with our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, […]

5 Misconceptions About the Orthodox Church

In this video, Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick comments on 5 misconceptions people often have of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Misconception #1: The Orthodox Church is only for certain kinds of people (Greeks, Russians, etc.) Misconception #2: The Orthodox Church is the same as the Roman Catholic Church. –Some big differences include how we view church […]

Saint Andrew’s Camp

Orthodox Christians need to support initiatives like this, because they depend on our donations. That’s why we are posting it here. If you can give, please consider donating to their gofundme campaign. Part responsibility during this Nativity Fast is to give alms – consider giving to this camp which helps our youth! Donate here At the […]

Orthodox Environmentalism

How should Orthodox Christians feel about environmentalism? Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick clarifies and answers this question by explaining the different streams of environmentalism that we see active in the world today. First, he comments on Liberal Environmentalism, the most extreme form of which claims that man is bad for the earth. Second, he talks about what […]