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Mission Statement

Theoria is devoted to producing high quality Orthodox video content in order to inspire new, renewed, and continued inquiries into the depth of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Her ancient Tradition.

The Founding of Theoria

Theoria was founded in 2015 by an Eastern Orthodox Christian and freelance videographer, animator, and designer, who produces and funds Theoria on his own time. Originally conceived to be a thriving Orthodox YouTube Channel with professional, content-rich videos for the 21st-century, Theoria’s growing viewership necessitated a presence on Facebook and a website to organize and categorize Theoria’s productions. This website is the result  of those organizational efforts.


Theoria.tv was built to organize and host videos produced by Theoria. In addition to original Theoria produced content, Theoria.tv features Orthodox videos our authors find helpful, inspiring, and meaningful. These videos feature Orthodox priests and layman alike.


Does Theoria get paid to produce video content?

The short answer is no. Theoria was envisioned to produce and distribute professional quality video content free of charge. Though we are not paid to produce Theoria videos, we do accept donations. As an example, when we started working on the Welcome to the Orthodox Church series we opened a gofundme account to fund the 600+ mile trip to Baltimore. In addition, we also offered sponsorship opportunities. However, neither the gofundme nor the sponsorship opportunities proved to be a sustainable income to fund these projects. And they are currently funded by Theoria’s founder, who also films, edits, and produces all of Theoria’s original content

Do you offer video and design services?

The founder of Theoria is a freelance videographer, animator, and designer, and offers services to non-profits and businesses across the country. If you are in need of a video, animation, or deisgn, please contact us.

How is Theoria funded?

Theoria was originally envisioned as a free service to Orthodox Christians around the world without any thought of monetary gain. The time, money, and effort involved in producing Theoria video content and Theoria.tv is funded by Theoria’s founder.

If you appreciate our efforts and would like to help us with our mission by donating,  please contact us.

Can I donate to Theoria?

If you would like to donate, please contact us.